CD & Vinyl Replication

Perfect CD pressing for company and musician. Perfect quality for a very competitive price! (also DVD) We provide perfect CD pressings, apply for the rights and check your artwork, ALL inclusive! For an additional fee we can also provideĀ  with you artwor including design, based on your wishes!               […]

CD and Vinyl Mastering

We do a perfect mastering of your mix so that he pops out of the speakers and is absolutely Radio ready. We use analog pre-amps and equalizers in combination with the best digital plug ins. In addition to mastering, we can denoise the recording and apply any restoration (removing noises and the like)     […]

Marketing & Consultancy

Product management, product training, sales support, new business development                 Musictrades is owned by Ferry verhoeve, which has over thirty years of experience in sales and marketing, especially in the musical instruments and professional audio industry. Ferry has exclusively represented and introduced brands in the Dutch market such […]

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