CD and Vinyl Mastering

We do a perfect mastering of your mix so that he pops out of the speakers and is absolutely Radio ready.
We use analog pre-amps and equalizers in combination with the best digital plug ins.
In addition to mastering, we can denoise the recording and apply any restoration (removing noises and the like)







Musictrades will master your production completely online. |
Great advantage here is that, without time constraints, you judge the master in your own familiair listening environment
before giving your feedback. Together with our customers, we always come to the best
result and that’s what counts.
If you are completely satisfied with the mastering, we will deliver the master as a DDP file.

We also master for digital distribution (ITunes, Spotify and others) and of course for Vinyl

A DDP file-set offers a result for the exchange of masters because it is exactly the same as the final CD.
It also retains the original timecodes, CD-Text, ISRC and EAN codes.
In addition, the DDP file has a data check so that all data is always retained, which is especially important if the
Master is loaded upon on FTP servers and the like.

Album Mastering 150 Euro ex BTW (always free trial master of a song)
Single track mastering 30 Euro ex BTW
Vinyl Master (2 sides) 200 Euro ex VAT

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