CD & Vinyl Replication

Perfect CD pressing for company and musician. Perfect quality for a very competitive price!

(also DVD)

We provide perfect CD pressings, apply for the rights and check your artwork, ALL inclusive!
For an additional fee we can also provide  with you artwor including design, based on your wishes!

CD pressings and duplication
CD pressings










The CD pressing is done from a DDP master, you do not have a DDP master, but only the stereo mix (s)? We can take care of this for you from 50 euro ex VAT.
Of course we can also take care of the complete mastering of your recording and guarantee you the best sound quality.
We also provide audio restoration and can greatly improve recordings with unwanted sounds, noise etc.


500 CD’s full color label in full color wallet €430 Euro  ex BTW ex mechanical rights

In collaboration with DMI Records, we provide a qualitative CD pressing (starting from 300 pieces)
Also very interesting possibilities to duplicate your Cd in small quatities.
Wallet, Jewel case, Digipack and many other forms of  packaging can be supplied at very low prices:

50 Cd in wallet; Full color label, full color cardboard wallet 120 euro ex VAT EX STEMRA

50 Cd in 4 panel Digipack; Full color label, full color Digipack 150 Euro ex VAT ex STEMRA

50 CD in jewel case 4 page booklet; Full color Label, full color artwork 125 Euro ex VAT ex STEMRA

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Vinyl pressings










Vinyl is completely in

The good old Long Play record: Music on vinyl, music with that warm analog sound!

From November 2018, Musictrades also delivers your productions on vinyl with the best quality and a good delivery times Of course we also supply a test pressing at very favourable rate so that the quality is guaranteed for you. Our mastering service ensures that your mix is perfectly mastered for vinyl.
Musictrades can check your existing master and  adjust it so that a good vinyl pre master can be delivered to the cutting room, which guarantees a perfect reproduction of your music.

The dynamic range of an LP is also determined by the length of the total audio. A maximum length of 20 minutes per side is recommended to maintain maximum dynamics (and loudness). The louder and more dynamic songs can best be placed on the “outside” of the LP. The mix must be checked at phase and above 300 Hz should not contain any audio that is phased out. Make sure a clear cue sheet is included with song titles times and required pauses between songs and of course which songs on side 1 and which come on side B. (Good tip put behind the titles the spot A1, A2 and A3 etc Front 1
and B1, B2 etc front 2)


Musictrades delivers complete mastering for 150 euro ex VAT per Album

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