Book Writing-Design printing and publishing

You are going to write a book?  (or has already done that) Musictrades designs and prints your book and publish your book for you.

We take care of the design of your book including
The important book cover, but also the publishingn of your book, so that your book (s) is available via all major channels.
We also provide print (on demand) where we can already deliver from 1 copy, of course with perfect quality!This service is also ideal for students who have written a paper and want to present them professionally.

Write your book and we make press and publish

Book Writing

You are going to write a book (or have already done so) and we will work for you:

We request a unique ISBN number for your book.

We advise you the available formats and you choose the format you like most.
Next, you deliver the text corrected along with illustrations/photos. Of course you can immediately express your own idea about the lay out.
We will format your text and add the illustrations.
Then we will send you the first version, which you check and give us any corrections and desired changes and the like.
If you are satisfied, we will make the interior of your book ready to go to the printer.

The cover is of course very important, because that is what the reader sees the first; We devote a lot of attention to the cover, to make it as attractive as possible in line with the contents of the book.
The cover will also be made in close cooperation with you, at different stages of the design we will send out results for assessment, on-and note and your final approval.

If everything is to your satisfaction, the book goes to the printer and you can have your book  within 10 days.

If you choose to have your book published by us, we will report your book to the Central Book House (1 year) and ensure that suppliers such as Bol. com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many others are going to offer your book (1 year)

The individual shipping of sold books can also be provided by us and the costs are calculated and charged per book sold.








What does it cost?

Book up to 250 pages thick, black/white print including layout and cover design and ISBN number and registration Central book House (1 year) 50 pieces printed, stock management and registration various sites.  799.00 Euro ex VAT

In advance we can quoting you the price per book on the basis of the specifications supplied by you colour or black/white, size, number of pages hardcover etc.)
Request your quote and receive a voucher of 50 euros in services (directly exchangeable)

Reorders can be from 1 copy!

Print only

Of course we can only print your book from 1 copy! You supply us with the print-ready files and we provide a perfect print. You pay once the setup costs a €60 Euro ex BTW after that you can order your book per piece with us or per 10, 20 etc.  A book with a size of 23 x 15 cm 250 page 4 colors interior and cover cost at 1 piece 13.50 Ex btw at 50 pcs 9.95 Ex VAT per piece.

Here too there is the possibility to offer your book in the International Shops (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many others) for only 24 euros ex VAT per year.
Connection at C
entral Book House also possible: minimum stock 20 pieces and annual contribution of 49 Euro ex VAT

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