Cheap websites for small businesses

Small or large, your company is more likely to be found if you have your own website:

  • Your website allows for extra sales, E-commerce is still hugely emerging, consumers buy more products every year online. In the business market, the volume of transactions dealt with online is increasing even faster. With a webshop You can also serve your customers online.
  • Your website allows you to increase your customer base. No Serious company can do  without its own website. Potential customers will skip you if they cannot find you on the Internet.
  • Your website is your company’s online business card. It offers a possibility for an accessible form of first contact, which enables potential customers to get to know  your company. This can significantly increase the decision to start doing business with you.
  • Your website increases your chances of being found.
  • You can easily link your website to social media campaigns.
  • Your website ensures that you are reachable and accessible day and night. Visitors are given an interactive way to find the information they are looking for without the presence of you or your employees.
  • Your website provides insight into your customers. The results of a website are measurable. Statistics can tell you exactly how many visitors have been on your website, which pages they have viewed and, for example, what percentage of your visitors have requested a quote.

We provide you with a great website with all the possibilities to grow.

Our Designs meet the latest requirements such as:


Now a matter of course, that a website is responsive and therefore works optimally on all devices and screens.


After your website is online, the service and maintenance are included for three months. After that period it is advisable to continue this service.


Not unimportant in these times is the security of the website. That should just be excellent. By default, the website is equipped with a backup capability, strong passwords and a SSL certificate.


SEO stands for Search Engine optimization which makes the website well-indexed in search engines like Google and therefore better found.

Lease your site!

We offer you the possibility to lease your new website at a  fixed low monthly rate including maintenance and service.
Your advantage: Instant online without investment -fixed monthly fees- your site always up to date- time saving. A standard 5 page website (no shop) will  start as low as 19.95 euros ex BTW per month (Fair use: monthly 1 page add or renew  1 page and update service)  Contract duration 24 months.

5 Page Website Design-Construction-hosting-Includes 3 months maintenance: 250 Euro ex VAT

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Album mastering vanaf 150 euro ex BTW

500 CD in wallet 430 euro ex BTW


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